The best interior paint colors for 2018 have been predicted and the verdict is clear: Grays are out and color reigns supreme. From the softest shades of yellows, blues, and pinks to the deepness of fuchsias, indigos, and reds, the nature-inspired color palette for 2018 is breathtaking and playful, while staying sophisticated and timeless.

While all this sounds great, choosing the right colors and combinations from the 2018 palette to fit with your sense of style and decor is essential to really pulling it off. Even if they look great, if you pick the wrong colors for your decor, it can give the room a disjointed and awkward feel, ruining the effect of both the color and your decor. MidSouth Lumber & Supply Inc. wants to make sure your rooms are beautiful, so we’ve compiled some helpful information here.

Modern styles

Modern styles are full of grays, blacks, and whites, with typically sleek and almost formal decor to match. It can be a calming and open way to decorate your home, and modern decor is almost always in style. Sometimes, though, it can leave a space feeling blank and hollow. With properly chosen color palettes, you can add a spot of brightness while preserving your modern feel.

Splashes of the deep reds predicted to be popular in 2018 can enliven your living space and goes flawlessly with the whites, blacks, and grays that accompany a modern home. This infusion of red is one of the most popular ways to add color to your home, but it isn’t the only option. You can use other bright, warm colors to add spirit and warmth to the style. Using a deep orange or soft yellow on one of your walls can make the space more interesting and lively, and it’s a unique touch that you won’t often see in other homes. Adding deep blues or even a deep pink to your walls will also make the space feel more welcoming, but it will have a calmer, more peaceful feel to it.

Rustic styles

Rustic decor can be gorgeous and unique. Dark woods, metallic fixtures and accents, and interesting textures are a great way to decorate your home, but choosing the wrong colors can make it look and feel all wrong.

Using some of the lighter yellows, burnt oranges, and earthy browns that will be popular interior paint colors in 2018 can make the rustic decor really pop and pull the whole room together. The colors will compliment the rustic feel, bringing together the common theme of outside and naturalness, while adding some warmth and welcome to a space that can otherwise feel alienating.

Victorian styles

Victorian decor will always be a classic, favorable way to accentuate your home. Its reds, greens, golds, and dark woods are timeless, and it’s important to choose colors that will help these features stand out instead of blend into the background. Using dark, deep shades of colors in your rooms will provide a strong, elegant backdrop to your style. In rooms that are primarily comprised of reds or greens, using dark blues, deep maroons, or heavy purples can really accentuate your sense of style and complement the feel of your space.

Playing with colors

No matter what your decorating preferences are, playing around with colors and going with something unexpected can lead to great results. MidSouth Lumber & Supply has tons of information to help you pick out the perfect color for your home, as well as all the supplies to bring your walls up to date.

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