Painting a deck is a great way to update the exterior of your home and protect your outdoor entertaining space from the elements. However, choosing the wrong paint color be disastrous! Save yourself the stress of potentially redoing your project by working with a professional consultant from MidSouth Lumber & Supply, Inc. Not only can our experts help you select the perfect color for your deck, but they can make your life a whole lot easier throughout the deck-painting process. Here are several reasons why you should consult with a professional when choosing a paint color for your deck.

They help you save time.

Finding a consultant to help you choose a deck color may seem like a waste of time – until you start staring at paint chips. With an endless selection of color combinations to choose from, it may take a while to come across the one color that will work in conjunction with your current exterior siding. Professional consultants can save you a lot of time in the decision-making process by bringing their expertise to the table.

They love to hear your input.

Professional consultants definitely want you to be an active participant in choosing your deck color, so they will never try to push their favorite colors on you or disregard your preferences. This is your house, after all, so they will listen to your ideas and assist you in finding your ideal color.

They find colors that will work for years to come.

While a professional consultant always stays updated on the latest trends in outdoor paint colors, they also have the knowledge and expertise to visualize how your colors will work years down the line. They know which classic colors have withstood the test of time and can make educated predictions regarding which trends are here to stay and which ones will fade away.

They will introduce you to options you never considered before.

Professional consultants have a lot of experience working with different color palettes, so they know which colors work together well. If you want to create an impact with your newly-painted deck, then speak with a professional consultant. They can suggest a variety of colors you may not have considered otherwise that will greatly enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of your home.

Paint chips are not foolproof

When it comes to exterior paint, you should not put your trust in paint chips. Colors look different on different materials, so the color you love on printed paper will not look the same when it is applied to your deck. The sun can also change the color of your deck paint depending on what time of day it is or the weather conditions. A professional consultant can advise you on how your chosen color will change so there will be no surprises.

If you would like to consult with a professional, contact MidSouth Lumber & Supply, Inc. today!