The time has come to paint your house, so you started your color-selection process by picking up a few home improvement magazines. On page 67, you find it: the perfect color palette! It’s edgy, it’s fresh, and it would look great with your architecture. Now, all you need is a free weekend and some paint, right?

It might not be that easy.

Yes, a fresh look that works with your architecture is a definite must for your exterior paint color, but is the “edgy” aspect of your selection going to work in your neighborhood? Before you have neighbors banging on your front door demanding that you tone down the hue of your siding, there are several things you should consider, like the location and size of your home. These characteristics can have a drastic impact on which exterior paint colors work for you, so keep the following tips in mind before making your final selection.

Take cues from your surroundings

When choosing an exterior paint color, you should always start by taking a look at your surroundings. Does your lot have a lot of trees and foliage? Try an earthy palette of greens and browns. An open landscape with lots of light? Stick to lighter, sun-warmed shades. Love the beautiful yellow flowers in your garden? Have fun accenting in a similar shade.
Also pay attention to what the rest of your neighborhood looks like. You want your house to stand out, but choose a color that complements, rather than clashes with, the houses around it.

Consider carefully before going too dark

While you may be inclined to take a page out of the untraditional book and paint your home a trendy, super-dark color, take a minute and try to picture the finished product. You may love that shade of black in the store, but are you prepared to see your entire house that color? Will your house get lost in the abundance of dark foliage or clash violently with the cheery, sunshine yellow house next door? If you are satisfied with your answers and want to make a dramatic statement by being the one dark home in a sea of light, then go for it!

Color affects the appearance of size

There is a reason that most mansions are painted white. Choosing a light color for your exterior paint makes the home appear larger, adding the illusion of dignity and size, which amps up the grandeur factor.

On the flip side, dark colors or bands of trim will make your home appear smaller, yet will draw more attention to the details. You can definitely add some character by highlighting shutters, doors, or unique architectural designs with a super dark color, and the larger your house is, the more attention it will get.

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