Let’s face it… sometimes we just get sick of looking at the same room day after day. Especially if you are one of the folks still working from home, you have stared at those same walls for months… maybe years… and that color is causing your teeth to grind. The holes where your diploma was hung now just stare back at you with that “why don’t you fix me” look.

OK… the absolute best way to paint a room in your home… hire a pro. While interior painting, in general, is not rocket science, it is an acquired skill and like most everything else in life… the more you do it the better you get at it. A pro will repair all the dings in the walls so it looks like they were never there. He’ll be able to blend the brush strokes with the roller… uhhh… rolls, and make it all look smooth as silk. The downside… a good painter ain’t cheap. 

So, if you decide to take the plunge and paint your room yourself, then the place you need to be is MidSouth Lumber. Their talented and experienced Colorologists can guide you through the items you will need to make your painting experience as successful and painless as possible. And they use their experience, training and keen color-sensitive eyes to blend just the right color for that room so that in a few months you are not tired of it all over again.

At MidSouth you’ll find Benjamin Moore paints. Benjamin Moore has been awarded “Best in Customer Satisfaction” in the Interior Paints and Paint Retailers segments of the J.D. Power 2022 U.S Paint Satisfaction Study. These great paint products are only available at independently owned and operated stores like MidSouth Lumber where our team of paint specialists can help you find exactly what you need. 

And be sure to check out the 3500 Colors of The South campaign from Benjamin Moore where you will see colors that match uniquely Southern hues that are available custom blended at MidSouth Lumber just for your personal projects. You can even upload a photo to the special campaign website at #3500Colors. 

After you have researched the world and asked your significant other… pick the color you want. An example is always good. Saying, “You know… that color of a fresh Day Lilly” is probably not going to be as easy to create as… “Here, this color on this car in this magazine ad is exactly what I want.” 

Once you have the paint in hand… proper color and all… the folks at MidSouth will guide you through all the other items you are likely to need… such as a putty knife, sandpaper and filler to repair all the nail holes and cracks in the walls. This is really an important step to get off on the right foot because even the best paint, like Benjamin Moore Paint from MidSouth, can’t fill holes. It needs a smooth surface to give you the best results. 

One step that is easy to skip is a primer coat. Who wants to paint the walls two or three times? However, a good primer coat just might prevent the need of a second coat of paint and will make the first coat look even better. 

Be sure to have protection for your floors and furniture. Canvas drop cloths are what the pros use because they are durable and can be used over and over… thus all the cool color splatters on them. However, the light, plastic drop cloths will also protect your stuff and when you are done you roll them up and throw them away. 

The folks at MidSouth will fix you up with all the other handy tools as well. A paint roller extension pole is much easier than up and down a ladder a hundred times. Of course, you will need good quality rollers and roller handles. A proper brush or two are must-haves to get into corners where the roller can’t go, and can openers and paint stirrers are a must to keep things easy. From color suggestions to final touches and everything in between, the MidSouth Lumber Paint Center team can keep you on track. 

All this might sound a bit complicated. But with guidance from the pros at MidSouth Lumber, your painting experience can be easy and rewarding. On the other hand, if you change your mind, many of the best professional painters in the area buy their supplies at MidSouth and they will be glad to give you a reference. Just ask!