Summertime is here and that’s traditionally vacation time. This year, you might want to consider all the benefits of a Remodeling Staycation instead of an expensive vacation.

First, let’s look at a vacation. OK… we admit you can come home with some experiences and memories you might not have from staying at home. But you also have the packing and the travel and the lodging and the expense… OH, the expense! A vacation for a family of four could easily cost well up into the thousands of dollars.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of the Remodeling Staycation. First of all… it is soooo much easier to stay in an area of the country that you are familiar with and that’s safe. Never mind that in the South you KNOW everyone is going to be friendly. And you get to sleep in your own bed each night and won’t trip over a chair trying to find the bathroom in the dark.

As for making those memories… it always amazes us how many people live in South Central Kentucky and have not visited all the cool places to see and experienced all the great things to do.

Have you been to Mammoth Cave? There is not enough space here to share all the amazing details about the park and cave system, but it is well worth a day’s visit. What about the Corvette Museum, Aviation Heritage Park, Barren River Lake… yes, there’s a beach there… Lost River Cave, the Kentucky Museum and on and on. Once you begin searching for things to do, you will be amazed what is within an hour or two drive.

So, now that we have helped you save a few thousand dollars, why not invest it in your home with a new paint job? Of course, you can always hire a painter, and that is the wonderful and easy way to do it. But… and rightfully so… professional painters are not cheap. But a DIY paint job is not rocket science and our paint specialists at MidSouth Lumber can help guide you on colors, type of paint and all the accessories you need to make the job easy and great looking.

If you get nine days off work with a week’s worth of vacation… five days plus two weekends… see how we did the math for you… you could easily paint two or three rooms and visit several great attractions… thus the Remodeling Staycation. And, why paint?

New paint in your home offers many benefits. The change in color and cleaning up dings and smudges on old paint will improve the whole family’s mood. Also, a fresh coat of paint can increase your home’s value. Without going into the science of it all, new paint can improve your air quality and, most of all… new colors and trim can better reflect your personality and style.

So, before you start booking airline tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars, give some thought to the benefits of staying in South Central Kentucky, slowing down, exploring and enjoying all the amazing attractions within easy driving distance. That way you don’t need a rest from all the stress and exhaustion of your vacation!

And, on just one or two days of your vacation, pick up a paint brush, spread some beautiful color on those old walls and improve your mood and increase your home’s value. Visit us at MidSouth Lumber and Supply and let us help with the paint part. We might even have a suggestion on a great place to visit as well.