The great color trends of 2017 were neutral colors and shades of gray. The soft colors provided a feel of sophistication to any space without being distracting or overwhelming, and it went well with the popular modern decor that was a predominant choice for 2017.

For 2018, style experts have predicted that gray is out and color is in. Shades of blacks with different hues and bold, natural colors are predicted to be the best interior paint color trends for this upcoming year. MidSouth Lumber & Supply Inc. wants to make sure you’re ready for the changes the New Year will bring, so we’ve taken the time to give you the lowdown on what’s in store for 2018.


Shades of black

Color experts agree that black is powerful, beautiful, and suited for almost any design space. Shades like onyx and matte black add power and depth to the design of any space while keeping it simple and refined. Black is lovely as an accent color for furniture pieces, such as vanities or cabinets, with silver or bronze fixtures creating a cool look. It also adds depth and a sense of coziness and privacy when used as a wall color in an open floor plan.

The unique thing about this color trend is that blacks are coming with all shades and hues of various colors added to it. Blacks with deep indigo hues add a sense of peace to a room reminiscent of the night sky, while blacks with a faint green tint to them add a feeling of mystery and forestry.

Utilize the full power of black by accenting it with pops of either soft shades or bright colors to give your room a complete look while still retaining the feeling of home.

Beautiful and bold

While the trend for colors last year was soft pastels and grays, this year the colors got brighter, better, and whimsy. Color palettes anticipated for 2018 include deep fuchsias, indigos, and jades, with softer pinks, yellows, and blues mixed in. These colors are nature-inspired, pulled straight from corals, trees, the night sky, sunshine, and more.
The softer, lighter colors provide a close feeling of peace and quiet in the chaotic world that we inhabit. Escape from the industrial colors of grays and whites and come home to cozy pinks, soft yellows, and light blues. It’s enough to make anyone sigh with relief and sink into the couch.

The deeper shades of primary colors—deep blues and intense reds—also provide a calm, intimate space to lounge in, away from the pressures and stress of the world. Brighter shades of the popular colors can also be used, livening up the space and providing a splash of playfulness. They encourage contemplation and positivity while giving you a comfortable space.

Bringing it all together

Blending the different variations of blacks with all the elements of the colorful side of 2018 will give your room a sophisticated, relaxing, whimsical, and homey feel. Using black as a backdrop for softer pastels and brighter splashes of nature-inspired colors will provide intimacy and promote relaxation. Using colors as your primary paint choice with black accents will give your home a more playful, but well put-together feel, perfect for opening up small spaces or livening up a living room.
No matter how you mix and match, the colors for 2018 are phenomenal. MidSouth Lumber & Supply Inc. can help you prepare to be the talk of the town with your paint choices.

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