Are you using healthy colors in your kid’s room? MidSouth Lumber & Supply has picked the four most beneficial colors perfect for kids.

Did you know that color can have strong impact on a child’s development and emotional growth? Studies have shown that the colors a kid grows up around can have an effect on what traits they develop and which ones are left in the dust. For instance, reds and yellows, while energetic and cheerful in small doses, can actually foster feelings of hostility and aggression if there’s too much of it in a space.

Kids spend most of their growing time in their bedroom. It’s where they sleep and play every day. MidSouth Lumber & Supply Inc. knows how important your child’s health is to you, and we’ve picked the best four colors to use in your child’s room.

Greens and Blues

Greens and blues are perfect for a child who is a bundle of energy—maybe too much energy. Greens are peaceful colors that encourage play, but they also help to reduce anxiety and calm a hyperactive child. Brighter greens are reminiscent of leaves in the summer, so if your child is a fan of the outdoors, it could be an added bonus to the color.

Blues have much the same effect. They’re calming, quiet colors that have been shown to help reduce aggression in children and soothe them. Hues of blue can make bedtime much easier, and with brighter accent colors, the child can still enjoy playtime without being lulled to sleep. You can select any shade your child likes, from ocean blue to the lightest shade of sky, and still reap the benefits of a calmer, happier kid.

Oranges and Purples

Oranges and purples have tons of power to complement the quieter, more thoughtful child in your life. Oranges encourage building confidence, and the energetic colors can help promote independence and foster extroversion in your child. Softer shades are good for younger children without being too overpowering, but bright hues of orange are better for children two years of age and up to encourage play and exploration.

Purples will go over well with children who are thoughtful, considerate, and in touch with their emotions. Purple has been the color of royalty for centuries, and adding purple to a room can provide inspiration for deep thought. It comes in beautiful shades, lighter lavenders for playful children and deeper purples to add an air of mystery and creativity for the older kids. Purple tends to help children be more mindful of their emotions and actions while staying in touch with who they are.

Blending Colors

When using these shades as wall colors or primary colors, don’t be afraid to blend them with bright, cheerful accent colors like red or yellow to keep their room active and feeling like a playroom. You can also do a striped design or playful swirls on the walls to bring the benefits of multiple colors together and your child the joy of not having plain walls.

MidSouth Lumber & Supply Inc. has all the colors and supplies you need to turn your child’s bedroom into something magical.

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