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Interior Paint Color that Will Increase Your Home’s Value

When you’re trying to sell your home or increase its value for a mortgage, you can do any number of things to boost the figure, but one that is often overlooked is your choice of interior paint colors. Having the right colors in the right spaces can increase your home’s value anywhere from several hundred to over $5,000. The key is neutral, noninvasive, relaxing colors that promote peace and comfort in living spaces while being able to stay in the background, letting your home’s beauty, architecture, and focal points take the lead.
MidSouth Lumber & Supply wants to help you make the best paint choices for your home, so we’ve got a couple of great tips for you.

The Do’s

As we said above, having the right colors in the right rooms can make all the difference. The beauty and openness of whites or very light blues will give you the most benefit in the kitchen. These colors promote relaxation and go with virtually any color scheme you can think of. They don’t distract from your family time or cooking pleasures, and the subtle colors allow the focus of the room to be your dining table, appliances, and any of the beautiful architecture of your home. A good kitchen paint job can raise the value of your house by $1,800.
For the living rooms and lounging areas, pale grays, soft beiges, and light creams are the colors to go for and can add another $1,800 to your home. These neutral tones are more comforting than just white, and this makes it easy for others to be able to imagine themselves living in the space, too. This color scheme goes with any decor and most furniture, making it versatile and perfect for creating a homey living space.
Bedroom colors are very important, too, as these spaces tend to be intimate, personal areas where the inhabitants of a home can go to seek comfort and quiet. Light blues are an excellent choice here, as well. Their close, comfortable, but still mostly neutral aspects make soft blues ideal for bedrooms, and can increase your home’s value by up to $1,850. Any bedroom will look great with a light blue backdrop, and it can help you unwind at the end of a long day.

The biggest value increase your home can get will come from the color of your bathroom. People look for spaces that make them forget the dirtier aspects of the room they’re in, while providing a soothing atmosphere perfect for soaking in a tub to release some stress. Darker powder blues and soft purple tones in your bathroom can cause its value to soar by a whopping $5,400, which is nothing you want to turn down. The color choices are lovely and make the whites of most showers and tubs pop and appear more elegant, and light purples especially can offer a soft, unique touch. Plus, the lighter the color, the easier it will be for new inhabitants to paint over if they want to change it.

The Dont’s

One common mistake people tend to make is thinking that if they enjoy the color that their rooms have been for 20 years, then why shouldn’t others—and what will it really cost, anyway? It’s been found through real estate experts that having the wrong colors can actually cost you quite a bit. White bathrooms, brown exteriors, red dining rooms, blue living rooms, yellow kitchens—and, really, the use of any deep colors in your home—can make the value of it drop by up to $4,000. One white bathroom can eat the added value of changing other colors in your house, so make sure you speak to MidSouth Lumber & Supply Inc. today. We’ll help find you the perfect colors to add some zeros to the price tag of your home.

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