Improving the look and functionality of your home appears on every homeowners’ list at some point in life. Whether you want to redo all of the siding, replace the windows or paint your shutters bright green so nobody will miss it, there are plenty of updates to consider. The storm door can be a great addition and is widely known as one of the most underrated pieces of home improvement. The storm door operates separately from your regular front door and provides many advantages.

1. Protect your main entry door.
Weather can take it’s toll on your fancy stained front door and can lead to repairing and re-staining every year. Properly installing a storm door creates a seal that prevents rain, ice, and snow from reaching the main entry of your home. Depending on which storm door you decide on, it can even help protect from rocks thrown thanks to your lawnmower.

2. Extended energy efficiency of the home.
The front door almost always has air leakage which can lead to extreme temperatures within the house. A storm door will not only protect your main door, but also provide an extra pocket of insulation to put an end to those drafty nights. A storm door can also help if you are experiencing cracks at the locking point or at the top or bottom due to the intense summer heat.

3. Multi-purpose availability.

Adding a storm door becomes a great addition if you want to soak up all the natural light possible. In the summer months, you want that increased air flow and direct sunlight but not all the bugs and dust that seem to come with it. With the light shining through, it will be your pets’ favorite place to nap as they feel warm and protected.