Today we complete our series looking at spring maintenance to-dos to prepare your home for the warmer months ahead. As you start to knock out your list make sure and stop by MidSouth Lumber & Supply in Bowling Green and Leitchfield for all of your home repair and paint needs. While you are there check out our extensive collection of Anderson Doors and Windows, and stop by and see Sam in our Benjamin Moore Signature Store on your way out!





6. Leaky Faucets
Check both your outside hose faucets, and and your internal faucets for leaks, drains, or damage. Inside the house check under the kitchen and bathroom sinks to make sure hoses are pipes are sealed, and keep an eye for stains or signs of damage. Also don’t forget to check your washing machine hoses. Check your outside faucets for freeze damage, as well as any garden hoses that were left out for the winter.

7. Attic
Crawl up in your attic and check for any signs of insects or rodents that may have set up shop over the winter. Also keep an eye out for mold which may appear as gray or black spots.

8. Basement
Moisture or dampness in your basement suggests higher than normal humidity, which is a result of poor ventilation. In cases like this consider a dehumidifier. Also check the based of poured0concrete walls for signs of cracks or moisture. Check exposed framing, and if you see signs of tunneling in the wood contact a pest control company to confirm or rule out termite damage.