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Interior Paint Colors that Will Increase Your Home’s Value

From cozy creams to gentle blues, MidSouth Lumber & Supply Inc. has all the information you need to get the most money for your home. Read our blog here.

Interior Paint Color that Will Increase Your Home’s Value

When you’re trying to sell your home or increase its value for a mortgage, you can do any number of things to boost the figure, but one that is often overlooked is your choice of interior paint colors. Having the right colors in the right spaces...
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Paint vs. Wallpaper: Pros and Cons

Paint vs. Wallpaper: How Do You Decide? Redecorating comes with lots of decisions to leave your mind reeling. Let MidSouth Lumber help make at least one decision easier: paint or wallpaper? When trying to decide how to decorate your home, the options can be overwhelming. Choosing between paint and wallpaper isn’t always easy, either, and as it’s a big choice to make that will affect the feel of your living space, it is one you should give some thought to. Both have their own pros and cons,...
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Andersen – Why Do Windows Matter

Some Windows Rival The View Unlike a wall color or furniture, windows are viewed from both the inside and the outside of your home. Because of this they play a unique role in your home's style. Andersen offers an extensive array of colors, woods, grilles and hardware options that allow you to personalize your windows for the perfect home style you're looking for. (more…)...
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