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Why You Should Consult with Professionals When Choosing a Paint Color for Your Deck

Painting a deck is a great way to update the exterior of your home and protect your outdoor entertaining space from the elements. However, choosing the wrong paint color be disastrous! Save yourself the stress of potentially redoing your project by working with a professional consultant from MidSouth Lumber & Supply, Inc. Not only can our experts help you select the perfect color for your deck, but they can make your life a whole lot easier throughout the deck-painting process. Here are several reasons why...
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How Location and the Size of Your Home Can Have a Big Influence on the Exterior Paint Color You Choose

The time has come to paint your house, so you started your color-selection process by picking up a few home improvement magazines. On page 67, you find it: the perfect color palette! It’s edgy, it’s fresh, and it would look great with your architecture. Now, all you need is a free weekend and some paint, right? It might not be that easy. Yes, a fresh look that works with your architecture is a definite must for your exterior paint color, but is the “edgy” aspect of...
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What to Do When You Cannot Decide on the Perfect Outdoor Paint Color for Your Home

Deciding which color to paint the exterior of your home can be a fun and exciting experience, but it is not a choice to be taken lightly. The color of your home is one of the biggest design decisions you will ever make and one that everyone who walks or drives down your street will notice. The possibilities for outdoor color combinations are endless (unless you have a strict HOA), but paying homage to your favorite sports team or choosing colors that rival Barbie’s dream...
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