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Arborcoat Waterborne stain is the leading brand on the market when it comes to wood stains. Wood stains are used to give the wood color and more life, and Arborcoat Waterborne stains do just that. Here are just some of the great things about this product.


  • The stain comes in a new ultra-flat solid siding stain that reduces imperfections and flashing for siding.
  • It has better color retention and fade resistance than other products.
  • It has excellent long-term durability when applied on decks and siding.
  • This stain dries very quickly, in as little as one to three hours.
  • Arborcoat Waterborne stains provide a coating that is UV and mildew resistance.
  • This stain comes in an option two coat system with a clear coat that makes annual maintenance easy.
  • This stain cleans up with soap and water very easily.
  • It comes in a solid stain 640 that can be used on composite decks.
  • It also comes in translucent oil finishes to enrich the beauty of hardwoods.
  • The oil primer offers great adhesion and blocking properties.


Arborcoat Waterborne stains come in different opacities in order to suit the design styles of every customer. These opacities include:

  • Ultra flat solid 610
  • Solid 640
  • Semi solid 639
  • Semi transparent 638
  • Translucent 623
  • Clear waterproofer 320
  • Clear top coat 636


Arborcoat Waterborne stains can be used on a variety of wood products throughout your own. For example, you can use it to spruce up your crown molding, entry doors, deck paint, and even the frames for your new windows. This means that not only will your new dual-pane windows save you money by retaining twice as much heat and air conditioning compared to your old single-pane ones, they will look great too!

The best way to take good care of your wood is to ensure that you are using the right preparation products. These products will help prepare the wood in order to achieve better long terms results. The products provided by Benjamin Moore, like Arborcoat Waterborne stains, are designed to deliver better results overall, as well as help improve the longevity of the stain. Before you start finishing your crown molding or entry door, give us a call to help you pick out the perfect stain.