Driving down the road, you encounter homes in varying hues of light brown, light green, light gray, and light blue. Light, light everywhere and not a drop of deep color in the mix.

Light exterior paint shades may be the norm for many neighborhoods, but isn’t it about time to break free from the tedium? Benjamin Moore dark exterior paint can create show-stopping curb appeal in a variety of night-inspired hues. From inky blacks to moody blues, here are some dark exterior paint inspirations that are sure to make your neighbors green with envy.

Jet black

Do you have a home that has seen way too many variations of white and cream siding? Try jet black on for size! This ultra-modern color will give the neighborhood a chic vibe, especially when contrasted with red or cedar-grey brick. Highlight the deep color with light trim and a striking blue entrance and call it a day!

Benjamin Moore paint suggestion:
Black Satin (body), Glass Slipper (trim), In the Midnight Hour (door)


Ditch the misty gray shades that make you think of potentially gorgeous summer days ruined by a veil of storm clouds and go for a bold charcoal in your exterior paint selection. Coal-colored siding is impossibly stylish and surprisingly approachable. Sleek white highlights and a pitch-black front door are the perfect finishing touches for this sleek black and white exterior.

Benjamin Moore paint suggestion: Graphite (body), Simply White (trim), Black (door)

Dark Gray

Going through the wide gamut of dark grays produces a never-ending variety of alluring color combinations. Peppery shades go hand-in-hand with salty white trim and natural wood doors, producing an earthy combination that never fails to impress. Dark gray siding often adds a modern twist to a classic design, but for something truly eye-catching, add in a sunny yellow front door!

Benjamin Moore paint suggestion: Temptation (body), Ivory White (trim), Yellow Finch (door)


Go for a little drama in your home’s exterior with rich navy-blue siding. This vibrant color plays well with others, so don’t be afraid to use bright accent colors – bright yellow trim or an orange front door anyone? For a clean-lined modern look, paint the trim the same dark navy as the siding or choose a color that is a few shades lighter or darker. You can also keep the trim nice and neutral and top it off with a slate blue front door for subtle pop of color.

Benjamin Moore paint suggestion:
Old Navy (body), Chantilly Lace (trim), Vermont Slate (door)

Needless to say, dark-hued homes are leaving their beigey, light-shaded brothers in the dust! Dark exterior paint colors are not for everyone, but if you want your house to be the one turning heads on your block, then stop by MidSouth Lumber & Supply, Inc. and check out our amazing supply of high-quality Benjamin Moore exterior paints. We’re always happy to provide helpful design tips, so visit us today!

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