WHEN SHOULD I REPLACE MY WINDOWS? – Courtesy of Andersen Windows

Knowing when to replace your home’s windows isn’t always as clear as it may seem. If your home is older than 15 years, it’s probably a good time to check and make sure your windows are still operating correctly. For instance, do you have trouble opening or closing your windows? Do you consistently find moisture on your windows’ interior? Just like your washing machine, refrigerator, or roof shingles, over time, your windows and doors need to be replaced. To help you through the replacement process, Andersen provides tips and solutions to help determine if the time to replace and upgrade is now.

If a window is failing as a result of leaking or sticking, it’s probably time to replace. If a window is rotting or falling apart, you should replace it right away. Andersen windows and doors are long lasting and virtually maintenance free. In fact, Andersen 100 Series windows and patio doors are made from our Fibrex® composite material that never need painting and won’t fade, flake, blister, peel or rot. Choose a style that matches the other windows in your home. In many cases, you can take the opportunity to do more than a simple replacement. Why not enhance your home’s look from the inside and out while improving your home’s overall energy efficiency? A window combination—for example, two windows side-by-side—can be replaced with a single picture window that frames a stunning view or opens the room to more light. You can also enlarge an existing opening to add more windows. Because of their energy efficiency, durability and reliability, Andersen replacement solutions are some of the best-performing products in the industry.