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Do you want to make a fantastic first impression when guests come and visit your Kentucky home? One of the first things visitors will notice is your entry doors.

If your front entry door or side doors are old and in poor condition, now is the time to consider a door replacement and upgrade. Not only will new doors significantly improve the look of your home, but they will also be a great investment.

Three reasons to replace your entry doors

  1. Return on investment

    If you are planning to sell your home in the next six months to a year, replacing your doors and the complementary locks and home hardware is a great investment. If you analyze home improvement return on investment data for the state of Kentucky, an entryway door replacement is in the top 10, in terms of best returns. After making the small initial investment, some Kentucky homeowners experienced a return close to 70% when their home was sold.
    Another way homeowners can reap a great return on this investment is by reducing their home heating and air-conditioning expenses. If your existing doors have gaps or drafty areas, you are not only letting air escape, you are also letting your money escape! A new door with a tight seal and updated home hardware will improve the energy efficiency of the entryway and help save you money on your utility bills.
  2. Safety and security

    Did you know that about 33% of intruders enter a home through the front door? If your entryway door, supporting locks, and home hardware are in poor condition, you may want to act fast.
    There are some burglars who specifically target homes that have old, wooden doors. The reason is these are easy to kick in and they do not make a lot of noise when they break.
    The new steel and fiberglass doors on the market are considered to be the standard for improving the safety of your home. Potential burglars will have a hard time kicking these strong doors in and the design often makes them tamperproof.
    The independent, safety review website, Safewise, had some additional tips for creating a highly secure, home entrance. They recommended that there is no glass anywhere near the doorknob. Your exterior door should never have a hollow core. Instead, always invest in hardwood or steel. Last, do not install a pet door that is large enough for a human to get through.
    You can further bolster the security of your entry door with electric locks that open with a pin pad, fingerprint or your smartphone. These replace the traditional key lock home hardware.
  3. Curb Appeal

    If you watch any of the home improvement television shows, there is always a section in every remodel when the discussion turns to curb appeal. When improving a home’s curb appeal, home improvement companies tend to look at three specific areas. They look at the lawn and landscaping. They look at the roof and siding. Last, the home improvement company almost always looks at replacing and upgrading the entry doors.
    Sometimes the home remodel experts take a basic, single entryway door and replace it with two, side by side doors. In other remodels, the doors get painted fun and eye-catching colors.
    A new entryway door can give your house an entirely new look, without having to spend a lot of money.

Do you want to make a fantastic first impression when guests come and visit your Kentucky home? Now is a great time to make a small investment that can reap many benefits. Replace your entryway doors in 2019.