DIY Children Storage Ideas

When it comes to kids, it seems the older they get the more 'stuff' they accumulate. With this in mind there are a ton of do it yourself storage ideas to help keep the kids stuff in order (or at least as best you can). Check out some of these ideas below. (more…)...
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Ideas For Under The Stairs Storage

Most homeowners are looking for ways to reclaim space in their homes. The longer we live in a home, the more stuff we tend to collect and the less space we have. As an alternative to throwing things out (which we should probably do), is finding ways to be creative. Check out these ideas for using that space under your stairs to its maximum potential. (more…)...
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Need extra office space

Most of us could you some extra space in our house for a home office. Somewhere to drop the mail, pay the bills, and organize our activities. The good news is you may not have to add a room to your home to get the office you need. Check out these remodels taking existing closet space and converting it to new office space. (more…)...
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