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Why You Should Choose Benjamin Moore’s ARBORCOAT Stain For Your Next Deck Overhaul

Summer is all about having parties, enjoying the sunshine, and hanging out on your deck. However, you notice that your deck could use a facelift. Sun, rain, snow and time have taken its toll causing fading, splintering and just plain ugliness. When you're ready to tackle the task and refinish your deck, whether hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, you should ask for Benjamin Moore’s ARBORCOAT deck stain from MidSouth Lumber. Refreshing your deck and protecting it at the same time is made easier with...
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Why You Should Use Arborcoat Waterborne Stains For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Arborcoat Waterborne stain is the leading brand on the market when it comes to wood stains. Wood stains are used to give the wood color and more life, and Arborcoat Waterborne stains do just that. Here are just some of the great things about this product.  
  • The stain comes in a new ultra-flat solid siding stain that reduces imperfections and flashing for siding.
  • It has better color retention and fade resistance than other products.
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