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Why Benjamin Moore Paints Should Be Your Go-To for Getting Rid of the Chipping Paint on Your Deck

A painted deck can be a beautiful thing. You can spend hours relaxing in the cool summer breeze while watching the sun go down or gather your relatives together for a lively family barbecue. However, you may be disinclined to invite people over if the paint on your deck is chipped and peeling. Don’t let chipping paint keep you from enjoying the summer to its fullest! Instead, put on your DIY hat – or hire out if DIY is not your thing – and transform...
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Benjamin Moore Bedroom Ideas and Inspiration

When you want to wake up a tired bedroom scheme, a fresh coat of paint can put everything in a new light. Wrap your bedroom in a luxurious coat of paint to give it—and you—a fresh perspective. To truly make your bedroom a place of your dreams, select colors that express your personal style. Benjamin Moore Natura® paints offer a vast range of color choices. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that this line is Certified asthma and allergy friendly™.

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