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Need extra office space

Most of us could you some extra space in our house for a home office. Somewhere to drop the mail, pay the bills, and organize our activities. The good news is you may not have to add a room to your home to get the office you need. Check out these remodels taking existing closet space and converting it to new office space. (more…)...
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Winterizing Your Home: Storm Doors & Windows

Storm Doors & Windows Installing a storm door to seal drafts and reduce air flow can increase energy efficiency in your home by up to 45%. Storm doors offer flexibility allowing both light and ventilation into your home. Similarly, when the cold wind starts blowing, storm windows can have a significant impact. Storm windows have long been the answer for supplementing the thermal performance of older, often single-pane, primary windows. A storm window acts as a second window unit to help buffer winds, driving rain...
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