Go Bold With These 5 Inspiring Benjamin Moore Paint Choices For Your Bathroom

No matter which part of your home you are looking at, as long as you use high quality products it will last for a considerable amount of time. You won’t need a window replacement, for instance, for about 20 years or longer if they are properly maintained and high quality. A bathroom can last decades without a remodel when you choose a color that you enjoy and a quality paint brand. Benjamin Moore paint comes in a wide range of colors from calming to bold that are perfect for your bathroom remodel.


  1. Tranquility: This soft blue-green shade has just enough hints of gray to keep from being too pastel. As the name suggests this is a calming color designed to replicate the colors of the beach and sea in your bathroom. For a completely beachy feel pair it with beach-themed decorations and details. Tranquility also goes wonderfully with a black accent tile for a sleeker, more modern design.
  2. Hale Navy: For a bathroom design that’s a little out of the ordinary, Hale Navy is a dark, navy blue infused with gray to keep it soft. Balance the dark and light in the bathroom by incorporating white elements into the bathroom design. This color works very well with marble or white cabinetry, but also pairs well with trending metals like brass and copper.
  3. Gray Owl: A light gray that works with warm and cool color palettes, this color could be used for an accent wall or for the entire room. It’s a little more interesting than a stark white, but still allows other bathroom features like the tiles or counter tops to shine.
  4. Peach Parfait: This Benjamin Moore paint is a soft pinky cream color that will bring warmth into your bathroom while still keeping it fairly neutral. For those concerned with the color turning a neutral bathroom space too feminine, keep it modern with white or black tiles and cabinetry. It’s reminiscent of creamsicles and peach pie, making it the perfect backdrop to your next bubble bath.
  5. Yellow Rain Coat: When you want a color that will wake you up and get you excited for the day, Yellow Rain Coat is the way to go. This sunny yellow is cheerful, playful, and energetic. While it is on the mellower side of yellow, you can use white for the crown molding, counters, and tiles to keep your bathroom calm and classic.

While these colors are geared towards inspiration for your bathroom, Benjamin Moore paint is perfect for any project that involves interior paint or exterior paint because of its high quality and bold color pigments.

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