What the Color of Your Paint Says About Your Personality

Your home should reflect your soul. MidSouth Lumber & Supply has created a list of colors to match your personality. Read more to see what color fits you.

Your home is the centerpiece and anchor of your life, and it should be a reflection of you so that you feel comfortable in it. A huge part of that comfort will be the colors you fill your home with. MidSouth Lumber & Supply Inc. wants to help you make the best decisions about the colors in your home, so here’s a brief guide to help you.

Rambunctious Reds

If you’re an active, energetic, go-getter type of person, reds can help reflect that and give you even more power. They give a vibrant energy to a space, and your extroverted self will love the sense of activity it provides.

Outgoing Oranges

Representing optimism and happiness, oranges reflect the social butterfly in us all. If you’re big on social events and host quite a few at your home, it’s been shown that orange can promote and increase the level of social interaction in a room.

Youthful Yellow

For the fun-loving and young at heart, yellow is the perfect warm color to celebrate your energy. It’s a cheerful and bright color, and it adds pleasant energy to a room. It has a hint of depth and thought to it, as well, making it the ultimate color for your living space.

Glowing Green

Greens are some of the best but most overlooked colors to use in your living areas. Green indicates you are an active, playful, thoughtful, and well-balanced person. You can choose shades with more of a calming effect, or brighter hues to really energize a space with positive energy.

Beautiful Blues

Reminiscent of the best things in nature—oceans, lakes, the sky on a cloudless summer day, blue jays and robins—blues are a universally peaceful color. They represent a calm, dedicated, but quietly playful personality. Painting a room any shade of blue can add an extra level of relaxation to a space, and it will let everyone know you’re a laidback, non-fretting sort of person.

Passionate Purples

If you’re thoughtful, emotive, and creative, purple is the shade to go with. It inspires thoughtful contemplations, and darker shades can add a sense of curiosity and mystery to a space. It’s been the color of choice for royalty for centuries, and it will reflect your inner peace and wisdom.

Pretty Pinks

If you’re playful, bubbly, and a romantic, pinks could be the color for you. They reflect youth, hope, and a sense of the romance that today’s outside world can so sadly be lacking. From soft pinks to deep fuchsias, these shades can make a space feel more intimate and hopeful.

Bold Blacks

Black is a timeless, classic color. It reflects a hard-working, driven, critical, and ambitious personality that doesn’t give up easily. It can be a bit intimidating, much like you, but with the right choice of accent colors and furniture, black can be a peaceful and elegant color selection for your home.

Wise Whites

White is another timeless color that reflects an open, honest, quiet, and observant personality type. It represents innocence and purity of intention, and itopens a space up to thoughtful conversation. Adding soft touches of colors or creams can really bring it to life.

Let your personality be colorful

No matter your personality type or paint choices, your home should be a place that, well, feels like home. All of these colors are beautiful and inviting, and mixing and matching them can really capture your personality as well as your sense of style. Designing a space around your personality is a great way to make the spaces more inviting. MidSouth Lumber & Supply Inc. has all the paints and design tools you’ll need to make your home a place you’ll never want to leave.

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